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Carlino” a character, a long history…

Carlo Andreucci, for all nicely “Carlino”, was born on 14th November 1911 in Cerretoli, a small village near the town of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Until the age of 22 years, he worked the land owned by his family.

The hard work in the fields from dawn to dusk forge the physical and especially the strong character, even in the social works, getting a gold medal for bravery.

In 1939, with his wife, Virginia, he opened in Castelnuovo Garfagnana the tavern “Da Carlino today Trout”, that was what later became the property “Da Carlino”, hotel and restaurant known and appreciated thanks to the increase in tourism that Garfagnana has had in recent years.

Carlino, following his passion for art, put together an important collection of ceramics and silver, as well as furniture of antiques, finding the best pieces around exhibitions and important auctions in Europe.

It then opened a beautiful shop – gallery not so far from the hotel, (still open) which concentrates the best that can propose.

Carlino saw then met the greatest opportunity of his life: to see involved in the family business, with the same passion, the son Leonardo with his wife Lori and his nephew Carlo.

Leonardo, always involved in tourism, covered important positions in politics, including that of President of the Province of Lucca.

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